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A) The importance of health check up

1) Why is it necessary to have a regular health check?

Chronic diseases are the most common health problems for people today. There are usually no obvious symptoms at the early stage of suffering. Symptoms of the disease only revealed when the disease grew strong and the physical body conditions get worse. Regular health check is useful in identifying any underlying threats of diseases early on leading to preventive measures or early treatments. Actually, health check is a proactive way to find out the stage of your physical well being in terms of normal functioning of various body parts and organs. With the knowledge, you can maintain your physical health with a balance diet and a healthy lifestyle.

2) Does it mean I do not need to have health check in the future if the results are normal this time?

The conditions of the human body differ and change continuously. A “normal” check up report depicts the stage of your physical well being at that particular point of time. Your physical health conditions will vary with age, stress, lifestyle and so on. It is highly recommended to have regular health check to keep a close monitor on your own physical health.

3) Why do I need to have health check when I am feeling healthy?

Feeling healthy is sometimes misleading. Most chronic diseases have no obvious, easily detectable symptoms especially during the early stage of conception or suffering. Symptoms begin to appear when the diseases become more serious and deteriorate certain body functions. Regular health check is often useful in depicting health problems at the very early stage leading the effective treatment.

4) Who will require regular health check?

Everyone should have regular health check irrespective of one’s age though the frequency differs. For those who are between the ages of 25 to 34, a health check is recommended once every two to three years. For those who are 35-year-old or above, annual health check is highly recommended. More frequent health checks are recommended for people who spend a prolonged period of time working in highly contaminated environment, Hepatitis B or C carrier, having cancer patient in the family, diabetes or those who have other genetic inherited diseases. One should consult the medical professional¡¦s opinions as to how frequent the health check should be.

5) Should we wait until our bodies are showing signs of illness before we conduct a health check?

Regular health checks are preventive actions aiming to ensure your body is functioning normally and spot abnormalities if they are present enabling early treatment that leads to a higher successful rate of cure. You will feel sick only when the conditions are becoming more critical rendering immediate medical treatment.

6)  Does elder people need to have regular health check?

Elder people should also live healthy to reduce the risk of pain and financial burden caused by the disease. Moreover, the older they are, the higher the chance of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Thus, a regular health check is important for the elderly.

7) Why do I still need to have pre-marital check up when I am perfectly confident with the faithfulness of my fiancé / fiancée?

Pre-marital check up aims at depicting genetic inherited diseases and infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis and HIV. Early discovery can avoid the diseases from transmitting to the other partner, and most importantly, to the next generation. For instance, thalassemia is one of the critical genetic inherited diseases that will pass on to the next generation if the couple is thalassemia carriers.

B) Preparation for examinations

1) Can I eat or drink before examination?

No drinking and eating for 4 hours prior to examination, but with moderate intake of water. Heavy and stodgy foods, strong tea, coffee or alcoholic drink should be avoided before your examination. If you are scheduled for an examination in the afternoon, you may take a light breakfast and remain fasted and no drinking until the completion of your examination.

2) Can I do exercise before examination

You should avoid vigorous exercises before examination. Please make sure you Have a good sleep the night before examination to ensure the satisfactory health condition.

3) Can women have examination during menstrual period?

During the menstrual period, submission of urine sample and taking Gynaecological check-up should be avoided, please contact our staff to re-schedule the examination.  It is advised 5 days after the menstrual period for examination.

4) What I have to pay attention if I am a long-term drug user?

Please remember to bring along your medicine and medical record for doctor’s references, if you have continuous medication.

C) The reasons of choosing health check- up centres

1) Why should I choose MediFast instead of a local hospital to conduct the health check?

Pre-conceptually, people believe hospitals are more professional in terms of providing medical related services. In fact, health checks in hospitals are sometimes more expensive and most often time consuming. As one of the pioneering health care service providers, MediFast provides our clients with a one-stop service in a patient-free environment that minimize the risk of cross-infection in a normal hospital setting. Our medical centers are also equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, operated by a team of qualified medical professionals, giving our clients value for money and quality health check services. Besides, our three medical centres spans over 20,000 square feet with a contemporary interior designed to optimize comfort and relaxation. Also, Female doctors are always available depending on our client’s preference.

2) Can I complete all the examination items at the same location?

Yes. In 2002, we complemented our services with the opening of MediFast Digital Imaging Diagnostic Centre. Our full service facilities include digital X-ray screening, mammography, treadmill ECG, ultrasound screening and bone densitometry. Customers can enjoy one-stop services at the same location. Additionally, VIP Lounges were also set up in the health screening centres to provide privacy for our privileged clients.

3) Do I need to worry the problem of cross infection?

No. MediFast is the first centre that do not cater to out-patient treatment to eliminate the risk of cross infection.

D) Questions about ultrasound and X-ray examination

1) Is X-ray radiation harmful to human body?

The radiation the body contracted from X-ray screening is very low and strictly controlled at a level that is safe for our body. Though doctors would not recommend frequent X-ray screenings, a maximum of two screenings per year are acceptable for a human body.

2) Can a pregnant woman receive X-ray screening?

A pregnant woman or woman who is believed to be pregnant should NOT receive X-ray screening. Though the X-ray radiation is very low and harmless to a grown human body, the radiation will cause harm to the growing fetus. The growing fetus’s body cells are highly sensitive to outside stimulation resulting in congenital abnormalities.

3) Will Ultrasonography cause damages to human body?

Ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive body screening technology. The technology utilizes sound echoes to depict the internal state of your body. Throughout the examination process, the body will not come into direct contact with any equipment. An external detector placed over the body receives the sound echo signals and convert them into visual images.

E) Other Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a mobile paramedical examination?

Mobile paramedical examination is a pioneering health check service by MediFast. Our team of medical professionals will perform health check on-site at the clients’ homes or offices on requests.

2) What kinds of information will be included in the health report?

Our health check report will include the complete laboratory results of all the tested items. We also provide a summary of all the findings in Chinese together with our doctor¡¦s recommendations and health tips for your easy reference.

3) How do I set up an appointment for a health check?

You can simply call our medical centers to set up an appointment. The number of our booking hotline is 2272-8222.

4) Is it necessary to have advance health check appointment?

We recommended that you should call and set up an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting. Our staff will provide you with necessary pre-checking preparation information to ensure your health check is smooth.