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Ultrasound screening is commonly used to detect early changes in internal organs, such as malignant and benign tumours, like cyst, fibroid, lipoma and stone, etc.

Upper Abdomen:

liver tumours, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, gall stone & polyp, pancreatitis and cyst, splenomegaly, renal stone, etc.

Lower Abdomen:

bladder stone, prostatic hypertrophy and tumours, uterus benign and malignant tumours, solid and cystic tumours of the ovaries, etc.

Thyroid gland:

multi- nodular goiters, benign and malignant tumours, etc.


benign and malignant tumours, cyst, etc.

Recommendations for Ultrasound Screening :

  • those between the age of 30-40, full abdomen screening once every two years
  • those above the age of 40, full abdomen screening every year
  • those are hepatitis carriers, ultrasound of liver every 6 months
  • those having breast masses, ultrasound of breasts every 6 months
  • those having thyroid masses, ultrasound of thyroid gland every 6 months