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Circle Premium DNA Test
The World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test (Suitable for people of all age groups)
One Test for a Lifetime

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• With a simple saliva sample, uncover 500+ test reports across 20 categories, including diet and nutrition, cancer and disease risks, family planning, drug response, success/music/dance traits, skin & well-being, and personality traits, etc.


• Understand your cancer and major disease risks early with a better preparation
• Each report shows clearly your genetic needs and predispositions as well as providing personalized and actionable recommendations


• Non-invasive
• Discover your unique genetic profile & traits
• Guide you to lost weight in healthy way, eat smarter and train better
• A lifetime subscription of DNA updates is available, including new categories and reports

Reporting Time: Around 18 working days


• Avoid eating, drinking, smoking or chewing of gum 30 minutes before providing your DNA sample

Report explanation by genetics-trained health coach / genetic counsellor via phone