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ColoClear® Non-invasive Stool-based (FIT-DNA) Test

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• ColoClear is a non-invasive, FIT-DNA screening test for detecting early signs of colorectal cancer using at-home sample collection.


• Utilises next-generation DNA technology, FIT-DNA technology; a well-established technology on par with the US market leader

• Accurate results with a 99.6% negative predictive value and 96% sensitivity, clinically validated in Asian population studies
• The only approved colorectal cancer screening test by the National Medical Products Administration(NMPA)

• Non-invasive and painless at-home sample collection at your convenience

Who should use ColoClear:

• Are eager to understand their colon health status and detect colorectal cancer risks early
• Are looking for an accessible and convenient colorectal screening test
• Have family or medical history of colorectal cancer
• Have bowel symptoms, such as chronic constipation or bloating

Avoid collecting the sample if your are experiencing any of the following:

• Menstrual bleeding

• Diarrhoea and/or watery stool

• Rectal bleeding (e.g. actively bleeding haemorrhoids)