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Mobile and In-Clinic Pre-Insurance Health Screening Service

MediFast has been providing mobile and in-clinic pre-insurance health screening services to Hong Kong insurers since 1995. To date, we have served over 30 insurance companies.

Insurance companies who are our clients are able to offer the convenience of onsite health screening services, a service unavailable to competitors. Our expertise and knowledge on underwriting policies and pre-insurance health screening ensures that the entire screening process is done efficiently and in a professional manner.

• Professional Pre-insurance Health Screening

We offer clients the flexibility of receiving mobile pre-insurance health screening at the office, at home or at a designated location during business hours on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
In-clinic pre-insurance health screening service is another option for clients who may need to take further imaging tests.

• Accurate and Fast Medical Examination Report

All medical reports will be delivered to the Underwriting Department within 3 working days of the examination date.

• High Degree of Personal Data Privacy

All medical reports are sealed and are delivered to the Underwriting Department by designated staff only.

• Reflex Test

Further medical examination is subjected to the underwriting guidelines so as to expedite the underwriting process.

• Attending Physician Statement (APS)

With thorough understanding of the procedures and requirements of Medical Record Departments of hospitals, our designated staff will follow up closely to ensure the timely processing of all reports i n order to provide quality service to insurance companies.

MediFast Medical Centres

Our three medical centres span over 20,000 square meters cumulatively and are well-equipped with imaging facilities, VIP Lounges and meeting rooms to provide a holistic pre-insurance and wellness screening for insurance companies, corporate clients as well as individual clients.
Female doctors are always available depending on our client’s preference. Our centres do not cater to out-patient treatment to eliminate the risk of cross infection.