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Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Attending Physician Statement (APS) and Certification Service

In order to expedite the process of obtaining APS, MediFast provides APS service to insurance companies. Our thorough understanding of the procedures and requirements of the Medical Record Departments in hospitals, together with timely follow up, will speed up the processing time.

Medical Seminar and Training

MediFast Health Education Team comprises medical professionals with different areas of specialty. We conduct health talks on different topics for agents and their clients and provide the most updated health information.

General Practitioner Follow Up Services

We are committed to deliver post screening services, such as General Practitioner consultation and follow up services for people who are symptomatic or are diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, thyroid hormone Imbalance, high cholesterol levels, etc. We make the most accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment and referral services. In view of this, MediFast has set up a one-stop health management service for clients with chronic disease.

Free Specialist Referral

We make referrals to specialists according to the recommendation of the medical report, including oncologists, cardiologists, otolaryngologists, gynecologists, gastrointestinal specialists, just to name a few. We also provide referral letters to public hospitals, if needed.

Health Seminar

We are committed to promote the importance of health and we firmly advocate that prevention is better than cure. Our team of healthcare professionals conduct seminars to educate both our clients and the general public alike. Topics include Chronic Disease Prevention, The Three Major Killers in Hong Kong, Female Health Care, Nutrition & Health, Influenza, etc.